Tim Cook remote interview airing on The New York Times podcast Monday

Sway‘, The NY Times podcast show will air a special interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook come Monday.

The virtual sit-down will touch upon topics such as the new App Store policy and how he was called Tim Apple by former president Donald Trump. The interview was conducted by Kara Swisher.

A brief summary was tweeted by Kara Swisher. She talked about upcoming topics such as Parler being removed from the App Store due to concerns that the app was used to facilitate, coordinate and plan the US Capitol incident.

Tim Cook will discuss App Tracking Transparency which was recently introduced and gained the ire of social media giant Facebook. Asked on what impact the new privacy policy may have on Facebook, Cook answered that he wasn’t focused on Facebook and didn’t know.

Those interested in the virtual interview can tune in to the podcast come Monday, April 5 2021.

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