Apple CEO Tim Cook apparently tried test driving a rival company’s electric vehicle during the Sun Valley conference.

Cook Rumored to Ride Rivian EV

Bloomberg and Sun Valley followers said that Cook was witnessed taking a ride Thursday in an electric pickup truck, taking the CEO from the resort to a downtown restaurant for dinner.

RJ Scaring, Rivian founder and CEO is an attendee of the retreat and was believed to bring a few electric vehicles along. Also, it’s said that Ken Langone, Home Depot co-founder, also took interest in the vehicle.

Tim Cook is a regular attendee of the Sun Valley retreat, which invites tech giants to several days of outdoor activities and socialization. The Apple CEO probably used the time to check up on automotive plans of rival companies in line with its electric vehicle project.

Apple is believed to be in the midst of producing its own electric vehicle, and has looked into partnering with car manufacturers to bring the project to fruition.


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