Tim Cook says sideloading iPhone Apps compromise privacy and security

Tim Cook mentioned how sideloading apps on the iPhone would ‘break’ its privacy and security in the latest ‘Sway’ podcast interview.

In the podcast the Apple CEO spoke about future products such as the Apple Glasses, the company’s legal proceedings with Epic Games and the Facebook feud.

A new feature called App Tracking Transparency coming to iPhones via iOS 14.5 will have users getting options whether they want to be tracked across websites or apps. Facebook is one of the most vocal opposers of the feature, saying how it would have a detrimental effect on small businesses.

Cook says that privacy is considered the top issue of the 21st century and mentioned how companies such as Facebook are compiling a 24/7 surveillance data and gathering what its users are doing and thinking.

Other topics in the podcast include Cook’s mention of the future of AR and how he probably won’t be Apple’s CEO in ten years.

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