Tim Cook says technology ‘Key’ to easier voting

Apple CEO Tim Cook has issued a statement against the recent passing of a law in Georgia that limits voting.

Cook mentioned that voting is a fundamental right in democratic countries, and that America’s history shows how far it’s come amid struggles and defending that right. Furthermore, the Apple CEO believes that technology should make it easier for citizens to vote and exercise their right to do so.

Tim Cook

The state of Georgia recently passed SB 202, a lengthy dossier on voter ID requirements and absentee voting rules, among others. Georgia Senate and House passed the bill a few weeks ago, and observers thought it was a ‘return to Jim Crow’ era.

In June last year Cook mentioned how ‘everyone should be treated with dignity and respect’ in a short civil right speech. Apple in February of 2021 announced support for those who seek to advance racial equity with the Black Unity platform, including organizations such as the Leadership Conference Education Fund, Black Lives Matter Support Fund and the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund.