Tim Cook sends $100K to Robertsdale high school band


Apple CEO Tim Cook recently donated $100,000 to buy new band equipment to the Alabama high school he went to.

Tim Cook

The Robertsdale High School band was the recipient of the cash donation, which then went on to become 28 new instruments to the members. The Baldwin County School District used the money to get new tubas, horns and flutes.

LT Hughes, the band director mentioned in a Facebook post that they are ‘speechless’ as the band grew and found that the instruments they had weren’t enough due to the influx of new students.

The Baldwin County School District still needs $40,000 to complete the mission, but school officials have expressed their gratitude for the gift.

Tim Cook has donated to his alma mater before- in 2021, the Apple CEO launched a scholarship program that provides monetary support to students who exhibit characteristics such as ‘leadership, academics, curiosity, creativity and grit’.

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