Tim Cook Shares Anniversary Tweet of Steve Jobs

Today is the 8th anniversary of Steve Jobs’ passing. Customary to the event, current CEO of Apple Tim Cook has shared an ‘in memoriam’ post on Twitter.

Tim Cook tweeted an image of Steve Jobs standing outside Apple Store on Fifth Avenue, with a quote from Jobs saying that the most precious resource anyone can have is time. It’s a remembered quote from the former CEO, one that talked about his favorite things.

Cook often speaks about Jobs’ legacy after he passed away in October 2011. He delivered a Stanford University speech on how Steve’s passing left him prepared but not ready for the challenge of taking up the mantle of Apple CEO.

Apple still has a ‘Remembering Steve’ site where people can share their thoughts and memories about the late Apple CEO. Over one million individuals have already shared their feelings, thoughts and memories about Steve and how they’re touched by his creativity and passion.

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