Tim Cook warns against ‘Endless Scrolling’ in Apple devices

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently spoke about Apple devices used for ‘endless scrolling’, and wishes that people use them more for creative works.

In a Bustle interview, Cook at one point mentioned how social media inspires ‘endless and mindless scrolling’ and was concerned that people are using technology too much. This was mentioned in context to technology and online addiction and in Apple’s support of the mental tool app Shine. The Apple CEO then shares how he’s able to tackle everyday stress by ‘being out in nature and feeling so insignificant in the world’.

‘Endless scrolling’ on social media, such as TikTok, Instagram and Facebook surround users with negativity, something that Cook says should be avoided. He then went on to say that the company wishes customers to use and enjoy their products to connect with friends and family, and that technology should be used to serve humanity and not the other way around.

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