Apple’s newest celebrity guest on its Apple Fitness+ platform is Prince William, with a 21-minute talk on keeping mentally fit.

Apple Fitness+

‘Time to Walk’ launched on Apple Fitness+ January this year and features notable figures and celebrities. After a short talk on an important subject, the guest then picks songs from Apple Music to recommend to users.

Prince William talks about mental health for 21 minutes, along with anecdotes on how he was drawn out of his comfort zone and an experience that changed his perspective on mental health. The content will be available starting December 6, with three airings on the Apple Music 1 platform.

In line with the new ‘Time to Walk’ audio, Apple will be donating money to three charities that were picked by Prince William, with a nod to promoting better mental health.

Apple Fitness+ costs $9.99 a month and works primarily for the Apple Watch.


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