Today is the 15th Year of the original iPhone reveal


The original iPhone was revealed 15 years ago today by Steve Jobs at the MacWorld Expo in California.


The world looked on in amazement as the former Apple CEO launched the iPhone. He mentioned that it was ‘three devices in one’, an internet communicator, a phone and an iPod. The 3.5 inch device had the iconic Home button, a Samsung chip, 2MP camera and an LCD screen but it was the first of its kind at the time.

Before the iPhone, phones relied on styluses for interaction, hardware-based keyboards and small displays. The iPhone was revolutionary as it presented a multi-touch display that’s capable of performing any task.

Jobs said during the time, ‘Today, Apple is going to reinvent the phone’ and the company did exactly that. Fast forward to January 2021, and more than 1 billion users are on iPhones. Apple also has the distinction of being the first company to be valued at more than $3 trillion dollars.


Samantha Wiley

Samantha is a senior news editor at iLounge. She has been covering the technology industry for over five years, writing about Apple, Google, and other major companies. Samantha has also worked as a reporter and editor for several other publications.