Apple has released the “First Look” of the upcoming Tom Hanks starrer film titled “Finch”. It is set to release on the company’s Apple TV+ streaming service on November 5. The released video shows Hanks talking about the film and its characters.

Tom Hanks starrer 'Finch' first look released: Apple TV+

Tom Hanks plays the character of a robotics engineer who happens to be one of the very few people left on the Earth, post a solar event. The name of the character in the film is “Finch”, the same as the name of the film. He lives in a bunker and builds a robot to look after his dog. 

The greatest companion in the world

“Finch is the last man on Earth. Maybe. There’s hints of other people out there, says Hanks in the newly released ‘First Look’ video of Finch, but while he is the only guy left in his part of St Louis, “he has the greatest companion in the world. He has a dog, Goodyear.”

Hanks goes on to say that the film is optimistic, hopeful, and delightful. After building the robot, the trio – Finch, the dog, and the robot – go on a roadtrip to the American West. The role of the robot is played by Caleb Landry Jones. 

“It is not human to be alone, because in company we find companionship, we find love,” says Hanks while talking about the need for Finch to have his dog and to build a robot, named “Jeff.” “The bond between Finch and Goodyear is one that is based upon deep affection and constant understanding. Who doesn’t love a good dog?”

Apple continues to invest in improving its movies and TV series catalogue on its streaming service. Finch is Hanks’ second film fronted by Apple. His previous film ‘Greyhound’ was released on Apple TV+ after the iPhone maker purchased the rights for the film.


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