Toy Story poster with Steve Jobs signature goes for $31,250


A Steve Jobs-signed Toy Story poster recently had gone on the auction block and fetched a tidy sum of $31,250.

Toy Story Poster

The memorabilia, which measures 24 x 36 inches, shows Toy Story protagonists Buzz Lightyear and Woody. The highlight of the item is the signature of former CEO Steve Jobs right above the Pixar logo.

RR Auctions has mentioned that it was the 2nd time a poster that had Steve Job’s signature went on the auction block. The first was a 1992 Networld Expo that fetched a sum of $19,640 in 2017.

Jobs earned approximately $4 billion when Pixar was bought by Disney in 2006. He then became the company’s biggest shareholder due to his 50% personal stake.

Other notable auction items that had the Steve Jobs signature includes the first-ever Macworld issue that sold for $47,000, a newspaper clipping that fetched $27,000 and a job application that ended up for about $174,000.

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