Tracking experiment reveals lost AirTag found faster than Tile

A new test conducted by TechRadar shows how fast it is for AirTag users to find their lost items compared to the competition.

The publication used a Tile Mate and an AirTag to see which would be found first using their respective networks. The devices were placed behind a street sign on Monday, and then reported as lost.

Within 30 minutes a notification came up that an iPhone had passed through and identified the AirTag as lost. The location was a bit off, since the mark was tagged on a parallel road. Afterwards, the same alert was given 13 times, albeit in different and non-accurate locations.

Apple’s Ultra Wideband technology may fix this issue so it would show more accurately. The Tile Mate was ‘discovered’ nearly 12 hours later via a notification, but the location was more accurate.

Apple’s AirTag is powered by the company’s ecosystem and the FindMy network.

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