Apple has lowered a number of trade-in devices prices for its program. Users can exchange their old iPhone 12 Pro Max, for example, and get a $700 Apple gift card for a new device purchase.

Apple Devices

Trade-in value in the US has been lowered across the board, with some such as the iPhone 6s and iPhone X having no change. For computers and tablets the trade-in value has been lowered as well, but the Apple Watch has not changed.

Trade-in values are estimates and depend on the device’s condition. The listed chart on Apple’s official website represents devices that are in perfect condition. Aside from Apple devices, the trade-in program also accepts other brands such as Samsung and base the trade-in value depending on its condition, age, original cost and other things.

Aside from opting in the official trade-in program Apple device owners can also sell their items in online marketplaces and third party trade-in platforms.


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