Trump approves of Oracle-TikTok Deal ‘In concept’


President Trump has released a statement today that he wants the deal between Oracle and TikTok to proceed.


Trump mentioned that he has given the deal his blessing, and says that if an agreement was made or not then it’s fine. He added that he ‘approved’ it in concept and might be incorporated Texas.

TikTok’s US operations is expected to be handled by a partnership between Walmart and Oracle. The agreement isn’t finalized yet, and the deadline could still mean the app could be banned in the US. Furthermore, there are still some regulations to go through before the deal comes to fruition.

An Executive Order was sent out against WeChat and TikTok, citing national security as the reason for the ban. The app will be removed from App Store and Play Store on September 20 as well, thereby preventing future updates and new user downloads.

Both companies are reported to be ironing out kinks so it will be approved by the US government.