Apple’s stock increased 4x since Donald Trump sold his shares

The President of the United States Donald Trump calls Apple CEO Tim Cook “a friend” of his. Both have been having a lot of discussion in the past few years as the United States government looks for ways to bring manufacturing to the country. Donald Trump had promised that he would make America great again and also said that he would improve the “jobs” scenario.

Apple makes a lot of products from wearables to full fledged desktop computers and almost all of them are manufactured and assembled in China. Donald Trump has asked US based companies to bring manufacturing jobs to the country. Apple has also been facing heat from India as the country looks forward to “Make In India” slogan on all Apple products.

Apple CEO Tim Cook and Donald Trump

However, it appears that Donald Trump before becoming the president of the United States actually traded Apple stocks. Exactly six years ago he tweeted “I predicted Apple’s stock fall based on their dumb refusal to give the option of a larger  iPhone screen like Samsung. I sold my Apple stock”.

Since the time Donald Trump tweeted about selling his Apple’s stock, the stock of Apple has increased 356%. He appears to have made the wrong call about selling the company’s stock. It’s unknown as to when Trump purchased Apple’s stocks or for how much he bought the stocks for. If he had held onto his stocks, he would have made 4x the money he bought the stocks for.

It took a very long time for Apple to launch a big screen iPhone and after it did, Trump tweeted the following – “I’ll bet if I didn’t harass Apple for the last 2 years about the large screen iPhone, they wouldn’t have done it—but it bends & breaks!”.

Do you think it was because of Trump that Apple released a large screen iPhone? Of course, he was having fun on Twitter or was he being serious?