TSMC 3nm chip production officially starts 3nm chip production

TSMC, or Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co has started the mass production of its anticipated 3nm chip which will power future Apple products.

Mark Liu, TSMC chairman, mentioned that demand for the upcoming chip is ‘very strong’, and says that the company will be producing them at the southern Taiwan facility. It’s believed that the 3nm chips will have greater performance compared to the current 5nm chips, and use up to 35% less power.

TSMC 3nm Chip

Apple is believed to begin using the 3nm chip next year, with rumors saying that the iPhone 15 Pro will have the chip in its A17 processor. The 3nm chip may eventually end up in other Apple products as well.

The Taiwan-based chipmaker will eventually move 3nm chip manufacture in the US, which is currently being built. Production at the US plant is expected to begin in 2024. The 2nm chip technology is already in the works and will be produced in Taiwan.