Have a monitor or TV lying around and want to watch Netflix or Apple TV+, or TV channels on it? Plug in a streaming media player device via HDMI and your problem is solved. Today, you can get the Roku Express 4K with Voice Remote, which is down to just $29 from its original price of $40 on Amazon.

Roku Express

Roku’s streaming stick works with Alexa and comes with a remote so you can just lean back, watch videos and change live TV channels or platforms from a distance. The Express 4K can be connected via wi-fi and streams quality video on up to 4K resolution, and it supports AirPlay for streaming videos, music and photos from your iPhone or iPad.

Making the Roku 4K Express work is just a matter of locating the TV or monitor’s HDMI input, then plugging the stick in. Turn it on and you can navigate via voice or the included remote. Get it today!


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