Turn an Outlet into Three Smart Ones with the Discounted Eve Energy Strip

A power strip can instantly turn a single wall socket into several and is essential if you wish to turn it into a hub for your work at home setup or entertainment center. Today, the Eve Energy Strip drops to just $82.94 from its original price of $100 on Amazon.

The power strip gives you three independent power sources that can be controlled via HomeKit and the Apple Watch, iPad or iPhone. With the smart socket you can easily turn on or off depending on what you need even when you’re out on vacation or another country.

Eve Energy Strip

The Eve Energy Strip is HomeKit compatible and has overvoltage, overcurrent and surge protection. You’ll be able to keep your precious devices and appliances safe from power surges and thunderstorms.

The power strip also grants a dashboard where you can see total usage and projected cost. It also acts as an energy saver in that you can shut off appliances that waste energy while on standby mode.

Buy the discounted Eve Energy Strip for only $83 today!