Turn Your iPhone 13 Case into a Shock- and Scratch-Resistant MagSafe Armor at Nearly 30% Off

Your newest iPhone 13 deserves the care and protection it needs, and thus getting a case is of the utmost priority. Today, you can get one that has all the bells and whistles with the ESR Air Armor Case, which is down to just $10.50 from its original price of $18 on Amazon.

The Air Armor iPhone 13 Case is true to its word. It provides military-grade protection of your iPhone via air guard corners to cushion drops and shocks and leave your smartphone unscathed. It’s also scratch-resistant at the back and resists yellowing even after years. Raised edges allow you to not worry about setting your phone on the ground or hard surfaces and keeps your rear camera safe.

A transparent color gives off that original style vibe, and it has MagSafe technology so you can charge wirelessly. At nearly $8 off for a superb case, the ESR Air Armor MagSafe Case is a must-buy!

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