TV Remote app gets new version 2 update


iPhone users can get new features on the TV Remote app by updating to the latest version.

TV Remote App

Version 2 of the TV Remote app brings several additions, such as widgets, custom layout and several theme options. The app, which was introduced in 2021 to allow iPhone or iPad users to control their smart TVs using their device, is now more customizable.

Colors can be chosen in either dark or light mode, and users can create themes for each TV they have on the app. The virtual remote control’s appearance can be changed as well.

Themes are synchronized via iCloud and across Apple devices, which means you won’t need to change to the same theme on each device. Other notable changes include faster discovery, accessibility improvements and new home screen widgets.

TV Remote is available to download on the App Store. Basic functions are free, with customization options locked behind a subscription.

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