tvOS 13 Allows Apple TV Multitasking via Picture-in-Picture Option


tvOS 13 has a new nifty feature that wasn’t covered during the WWDC 2019- Picture-in-Picture options for video playbacks.

tvOS 13

Apple TV users can look forward to watching shows on the app while being able to explore the rest of the system anytime they like. This option is similar to the iPad, where users can put the video in a thumbnail view as they navigate to other apps.

Picture-in-Picture isn’t a new concept- it was first revealed as a feature for multitaskers in iOS 9. Apple TV users can start the video on full screen, then switch apps to get the video to turn into a thumbnail. Overlays allows for switching to full video or ending the playback.

tvOS 13 brings a few exciting changes, such as a Top Shelf section and a new Home screen. Apps can now work in the background and allow users to catch a preview before they access it.

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