TweetDeck for Mac Updated With New Look And Capabilities

TweetDeck did a refresh, with more capabilities, a cleaner design, and support for Polls and GIFs. The compose window works well no matter what theme you choose. Users are treated to an upgraded window with options to create a poll, add GIFs in tweets, a new emoji picker and support for tags and image descriptions.

For now, Twitter doesn’t force the new update to users. Those who liked the old can use the original interface for the time being. While being more convenient, there are some caveats that TweetDeck users must deal with, including extra clicks to get between several TweetDeck accounts and more notable, being unable to schedule tweets ahead of time.

Twitter puts the new features on its server side so you won’t have to download a new version to see the changes. The TweetDeck for Mac is a free app that can be downloaded for free on the Mac App Store.

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