Twitter App for Mac Making A Comeback via Project Catalyst

During the WWDC 2019 Apple has announced that they will be launching Project Catalyst, which allows developers to bring iPad apps to Mac.

Today, Twitter states that they will be using the iOS codebase to bring back the Twitter app for the Mac, but with added features to make it more suited for the macOS environment.

Previously, Twitter did have an app on the Mac App Store, but it was ended in February of 2018. The social media platform directed users to the web experience on Safari and said that maintaining two separate codebases were deemed unsustainable.

Twitter for Mac

Twitter further mentioned that the Mac app will have the same kinds of features as with the other Twitter platforms and more, including keyboard support, drag and drop, native notifications, multiple windows support, and resizable windows.

The all-new Twitter for Mac is expected to have an early launch for macOS 10.15 Catalina and will begin development this summer.

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