Twitter Blue resumes today

Social media platform Twitter recently took to the internet to announce its Twitter Blue subscription.

Twitter users can upgrade to the Twitter Blue status, which gives them a blue checkmark sign right next to their name or handle after a phone number and account verification.

Twitter Blue

Other features for Twitter Blue subscribers include Reader Mode for browsing through threads, uploading HD videos, and editing their tweets within a specific time period.

Twitter Blue is priced at $11 a month on iOS apps and $8 a month on the web. The reason why the App Store purchase is higher is to offset the Apple cut whenever subscriptions are paid in the App Store. 

Twitter Blue went on a temporary hiatus when it first launched in November due to failed quality checks, which allowed impersonators to take on official accounts of high-profile individuals, celebrities, and businesses. Changing profile photos, display names, and usernames will require another review before being approved.