Twitter Blue subscription service has an undo feature

Twitter’s yet-to-be announced subscription service, dubbed ‘Twitter Blue’ will offer an ‘undo’ action and other options for $2.99 a month.

Twitter is still free to download and join for everyone, and makes revenue from advertising. Just recently the company may be preparing for a new service that gives paying users extra features, such as the aforementioned ‘undo’ button.

Twitter Blue Subscription Service

Undo will allow users to unpublish a tweet they sent, albeit with a time duration. After tweeting, a notification will appear and gives the user a second chance to withdraw it. Other features include a ‘Bookmark Collections’, where tweets could be organized, reviewed and shared for later.

‘Twitter Blue’ is yet to be announced or launched to the public. However, there’s reason to think that it will arrive soon. It could be Twitter’s answer to Apple’s App Tracking Transparency, which was introduced in iOS 14.5 and requires app developers to ask user permission in ad tracking.