Twitter makes ‘For You’ timeline the default screen on iOS

Social media platform Twitter has changed iOS users’ default feed to the ‘For You’ timeline.

Twitter recently removed the star-shaped icon at the top right part of its interface that allowed users to switch between ‘Latest’ and ‘For You’ sections, replacing them with ‘Following’ and ‘For You’ tabs. It’s worth noting that Twitter tested this feature and received strong backlash, which forced them to revert it back to what it was before.


Currently, the ‘For You’ section shows tweets from followed users, interspersed with suggested tweets from people they haven’t followed. The ‘Following’ tab shows chronologically-arranged tweets in reverse order. iOS users will have the ‘For You’ tab open as the default screen whenever they access the app.

The recent change falls in line with TikTok’s algorithm, which ‘learns’ what its users tend to watch and gives them the same content. It remains to be seen whether the algorithm will work or receive the same reception from its users.