Twitter’s new ‘Edit Tweet’ feature under testing

Social media platform Twitter is currently testing a new edit feature, which may be available to Twitter Blue subscribers this month.

Editable tweets are a requested feature in Twitter. Currently, the only way to change a sent tweet is to resend or delete it. The new option gives users a chance to ‘edit’ their tweet according to how they want. The change can only be made within 30 minutes of posting the tweet, and it will be marked ‘edited’ with an option to view the history.


Twitter says that the timeframe plays a role in the conversations’ integrity, and having a record of what was said will keep its users honest. It’s similar to what Apple is introducing to its iMessage app on iOS 16, with users having half an hour to change their message. The history is also available to all recipients.

The ‘edit tweet’ is set to arrive to Twitter Blue subscribers in September.