Apple should automatically enable two-factor authentication; similar to Google

Google recently announced that it will automatically force enable two-factor authentication for all users. According to MacWorld, it is time for Apple to follow suit and implement the same two-factor authentication across its login system automatically. The development was announced by the search giant Google on World Password Day.

The new compulsory two-factor authentication will be implemented across all Google users who have entered recovery information such as an alternative email ID or a phone number. On the other hand, users who have not inserted any proper recovery information will not be forced to authenticate their login using two-factor method, as it will not be possible.

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“The reality is passwords are no longer a sufficient form of authentication – they are painful for people and easy for hackers to access. It used to be that multifactor authentication was considered tedious and challenging to set up– that is no longer the case. Many users are already positioned to use a second step of verification across their accounts – this auto-enrollment process is a way for us to help get them there. Users can opt-out of this change and keep their account security settings the same.”

Google will of course allow users to disable the extra security layer of two-factor authentication if they wish to not use it. The company had revealed in 2019 that it had almost 1.5 billion users using its slew of services; the number has very likely increased since then. As a result of the automatic two-factor authentication, millions of Google users are expected to be more protected.

According to MacWorld, Apple was one of the first companies to introduce two-factor authentication across its login system. The extra security layer gives users a peace of mind, as it requires extra authentication to gain access to the account.