Two More ECC Entries Added for Future iPad Models

Apple has submitted two more iPad model identifiers to the ECC, or Eurasian Economic Commission as noted by MySmartPrice.

The Eurasian Commission has long since been a reliable source of possible future products made by Apple, ranging from iPhones to Macs and accessories.

Two regulatory entries, the A2232 and A2200 were added alongside previously registered identifiers A2230, A2198, A2068, A2228 and A2197. All the patents were said to run the latest iPadOS 13, which is set to be launched fall 2019.

Apple is rumored to be starting on the new iPad, which is presumed to have a bigger screen and narrower bezels and has a tentative release of September or October. As of now, we can only wait for the announcements to come from official channels.

It’s worthy to note that there were Mac model filings as well, but the identifiers referred to existing iMac Pro and iMac products, which could mean that they were being ‘refreshed’ for the Catalina update.

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