Type up a storm on your iPad with the Magic Keyboard, now $100 off

Turn your 2020 iPad Air or iPad Pro into a productive beast with the help of Apple’s Magic Keyboard. Today, it’s down to just $199 from its original price of $299 on Amazon.

The Magic Keyboard adds a physical keyboard, and with that a slew of benefits when paired with your iPad. Half your screen won’t be taken up by a virtual on-screen keyboard and allows for more real estate. You can also type faster and get your emails, content and messages sent at a faster clip.

Apple Magic Keyboard for iPad Air

The Magic Keyboard features a floating cantilever design which effectively eliminates having to crane your neck or strain your eyes. Now, you can adjust to your preferred viewing angle in just a few seconds and type away as needed. Backlit keys, a trackpad and an added USB-C port are all welcome additions to an already excellent keyboard.

At $100 off, the Apple Magic Keyboard is hard to ignore. It’s a must buy for those who own an 11 inch iPad Pro and the latest iPad Air!