Uber disables Apple Watch Ride-Hailing functionality

Uber has stopped support for users who want to hail an Uber ride using their Apple Watch.

The watchOS version of Uber has dropped the ability to call an Uber on the smart wearable. When users try it, they’re greeted by an error message that reveals the functionality is no longer available. Furthermore, the app directs the user to call a ride on their iPhone.

Uber Disables Apple Watch

The message, ‘please switch to the Uber mobile app. We no longer support the Apple Watch app. Sorry for the inconvenience’ appears whenever the Watch app is opened. Normally developers would not allow new downloads for apps that are no longer supported, but it isn’t the case with the Uber app.

Uber has not released an official statement regarding its Apple Watch app. Its iOS version is still working and continues to receive updates. Before the support ended, Apple Watch users could use the app to call an Uber ride and get notified when the driver is about to arrive.