UFED Premium Can Unlock Any iOS Device, Claims Cellebrite


Israel-based forensics firm Cellebrite has announced on Twitter that they can unlock any iOS device, including units that are on iOS 12.3 via an updated version of their Universal Forensic Extraction Device.

UFED Premium

The UFED Premium is a software that could prove to be crucial for law enforcement agencies who are looking to acquire important mobile phone evidence from Android and iOS devices. The developer states that the UFED Premium is fully compatible with devices that run from iOS 7 to iOS 12.3.

Some of the things UFED Premium can do include a full file system extraction and gaining access to email attachments, downloaded emails, chat conversations, 3rd party data apps and deleted content, among others. The solution allows for deep-dive extractions that would be otherwise impossible through conventional methods.

Cellebrite intends to sell the extraction software as “on premise” tools that police or other enforcement agencies can purchase and use on demand.

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