Get UGREEN Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch at 12$ OFF on Amazon

Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch by UGREEN

UGREEN has released three kinds of chargers for Apple Watch, this magnetic wireless charger might be the best one! And now they have a great discount price for this charger, when you enter the code UGREEN944 at the checkout page you will get 12$ OFF, only 27.99$, this is the best price ever!

UGREEN Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch

UGREEN Charger for Apple Watch MFi Certified Wireless Portable Magnetic iWatch USB Charger Travel Cordless Charger Compatible for Apple Watch Series 5 4 3 2 1
  • Apple MFi Certified: Built-in MFI certified (PPID: 219693-0102) magnetic wireless charging module,combine MagSafe technology with inductive charging; Compatible for all Apple Watch Series 5 4 3 2 1, Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch Nike plus, Apple Watch Hermes, Apple Watch Edition.(Note:The non-MFI certified iWatch Charger may damage your WatchOS device)
  • Cableless Design:No extra charging cables are needed---saves you from the hassles of tangling cables! Simply plug it into a wall charger/power bank or any other USB charging devices and charging is on the go!The keychain design allows you to hang on the keychain to prevent loss when you travel.

Why choose this charger for your Apple Watch?

UGREEN Portable Wireless Charger for Apple Watch

#1 — Apple MFI Certificated

This charger has MFI certification, combine MagSafe technology with inductive charging, which means it gets the support of Apple and you can rest assured to use.

#2 — Charging without cable

Most Apple Watch chargers may need a cable to charge, if you choose this one, no extra charging cables are needed, which will free you from the trouble of cords tangled!

#3 — Original Charging Speed

This wireless charger compatibles for Apple Watch Series 4 3 2 1 and offers a fast original charging speed, only takes 2 hours to fully charge your Apple watch. 

#4 — Perfect for Travel

I would say it’s really a great charger partner for your Apple Watch when you plan for a nice trip, lightweight and portable with lanyard design, it’s easy to hang it on your bag or just put it in your pocket.

UGREEN Portable Wireless Charger

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