UK Apple buyer gets dog food instead of a MacBook Pro

A Derbyshire native was shocked to find his Amazon package contained dog food instead of a MacBook Pro.

Alan Wood recently ordered a MacBook Pro to give as a gift to his daughter on Amazon. It was ordered on November 29 and received it the next day. Then, he was given a rude surprise as the box contained two packages of Pedigree Chum. The 61-year old then promptly gave Amazon a call and spent a considerable amount of time trying to get it resolved.

UK Apple Buyer Gets Dog Food

Initially, Wood was refused a refund, with the customer support saying that he had to return the laptop, which he never had. Wood said that he even spoke to managers and different departments, to no avail.

Eventually, Wood was able to get a full refund, with a spokesperson saying that the problem has been resolved. The Derbyshire resident claims he never had an issue with Amazon before, and it was the first time a mix-up happened.