Birmingham Live recently reported that a taser designed to look like an iPhone was confiscated from a boy.

iPhone-Shaped Taser

Sutton Coldfield police arrested an individual who was in possession of an iPhone-like taser. The device has the aesthetics of the smartphone, with a side button that provided 650,000 volts of electricity. Councillor Richard Parkin said that it may have been smuggled from the US as an anti-mugging tool. However, non-lethal tasers are considered illegal in the UK, and possession of such a weapon carries a 10-year prison sentence.

Tasers are considered self-defense tools to ward off against criminals and attackers. They typically deliver a non-lethal shock that leaves an assailant unable to move or take action for a minute or so. The report did not include a photo of the confiscated device, although there are several hundred options on popular online marketplaces. It’s also worth noting that 650,000 rated voltage will not be enough to kill.


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