United Airlines taps into Apple Health App for vaccination verification

United Airlines has launched its Travel Ready Center and integration with Apple’s Health app for verifying passenger COVID-19 vaccination records.

Apple added an iPhone feature in iOS 15 where vaccination records could be stored in the Apple Health app, which may be used for verification purposes. Aside from that, the Cupertino-based company has added a Health Record sharing option, something that United is already using.

iOS 15 users can connect to the Travel Ready Center and share their vaccination records via the Health app for review, which makes it easier to confirm if they have the necessary requirements to travel. In the US, flyers won’t need to be vaccinated if traveling in-state, but it’s required in countries such as Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Canada and the UK.

Customers can submit their proof of vaccination through United’s app and tap the button that uploads documentation through the ‘Share Your Smart Health Card’ option. After confirmation the records are verified on the system and kept until the travel is completed.

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