In honor of Black History Month Apple has released a downloadable watch face and the Black Unity Braided Solo Loop. Both are available starting today.

Watch Face

Apple launched its Black Unity Apple Watch Series 6, accompanied by a Sport Band the previous year. Now, the Cupertino-based company introduces the Braided Solo Loop as part of the Black Month History celebration.

The special edition Loop has a matching watch face. Apple says the design was inspired by a philosophy called ‘Afrofuturism’, which explores Black experience via self-empowerment, technology and science, and a collaboration with allies and members of the Apple Black creative community.

Braided Solo Loop

Also, the Unity Lights watch face comes in two variants- the circular dial and full-screen mode, as well as a black and white option, monogram and up to four complications. It was made via 2D ray tracing and is the first of its kind.

Those interested can purchase the Black Unity Braided Loop for $99 on official Apple channels.


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