Save using universal app purchases on Apple devices

If you have a suite of Apple devices ranging from the Mac to the iPhone, you already know the benefits of having an “all Apple” formula. The company’s efforts to bridge the gap between its devices by using features like Continuity and more recent SideCar have helped users a lot.

Similarly, it would also make sense to use the same apps and services on all of Apple devices. However, the operating system platforms are all different – the iPhone runs on iOS, the iPad runs on iPadOS (not very different from iOS but there are iPad specific apps), the Mac runs on macOS, the Apple Watch runs on macOS, and Apple TV runs on tvOS.

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Unified App Store in the works

Apple Store

So, there has been a problem for a longtime, to use the same services and apps offered by a specific developer, a user would have to buy apps separately on all the platforms. Also, apps on macOS are not exactly cheap.

To fix the problem, Apple has announced that it will allow developers to bundle their iOS, iPadOS, macOS, tvOS, and watchOS apps. A bundle will allow users to purchase the app on only one platform and it will automatically be available for install on all other Apple platforms.

Apple had initially announced the project to allow developers to bundle their apps on different platforms into a single purchase package. Till now, developers have charged different prices for their apps on different platforms because of the difference between the code and efforts put into creating them.

Similarly, in-app purchases strategy will be changed as well. If users buy an in-app pack on one platform, it will automatically be made available on other Apple platforms as well. These new strategies from Apple will definitely help the company improve its services business as people are likely to find these new options more attractive.