Unjected App on App Store ban

Unjected, a social app designed for a community of ‘free speech and medical autonomy’ has recently been removed from the App Store over COVID-19 misinformation concerns.

After an update that added elements, such as allowing users to contribute content, the app was doomed to fail. Google Play conducted a review and deemed that the user-generated content was ‘insufficiently policed’, particularly posts regarding COVID-19 vaccines. Some claimed that they contained microchip and 5G, while others said they contained experimental mRNA gene modifiers’.

Google advised the developers to remove the content or face being pulled from the Play Store, which they promptly did. Shelby Thompson, Unjected co-founder stated that they intend to bring back social feed and flagged posts.

Apple received similar reports and pulled Unjected from the App Store. The Cupertino-based company then sent an email regarding its decision and says it referred to the COVID-19 pandemic theme and concept inappropriately.

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