If you have a Mac and an Apple Watch, then it will now be possible to unlock your desktop/laptop without typing the password. It makes the process of authentication simple, as it is indeed you wearing your smartwatch. The Apple Watch can be protected using a passcode.

Apple Watch unlocks Mac

The feature requires that an user have a Mac (mid 2013 or later) running macOS 10.13 or later and an Apple Watch. The process of unlocking a Mac computer using an Apple Watch is different for different versions of watchOS.

Apple Watch unlocks Mac
Apple Watch unlocks Mac

To use an Apple Watch to unlock your Mac does require that you are using the same iCloud account on both the devices. The same Apple ID must be used on both the devices – your Apple Watch and your Mac. The feature will help you wake your Mac instantly without requiring you to enter the password or TouchID on some recent Mac models.

Check your Mac & Apple Watch model

The feature of course only works when the user is wearing their Apple Watch on their wrist. If the user is near their Mac, waking up the machine will not require an entry of the password or any other type of authentication.

The process of unlocking a Mac using an Apple Watch requires you to have WiFi and Bluetooth turned on – both Mac and Apple Watch. The process being mentioned here is pertaining to watchOS 7 version and later. The process is different for other previous versions of watchOS – to be used on older generations of Apple Watch(es).

Other points to note-

  • Apple Watch should have a passcode.
  • On Mac, enable “Use your Apple Watch to unlock apps and your Mac” in System Preferences-> Security & Privacy-> General.
  • If an user has more than one Apple Watch, be sure to select the correct Apple Watch which will be used for unlocking the Mac.


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