Unreleased Beats Studio Buds are seen on NBA Star LeBron James


New images of the unreleased Beats Studio Buds have surfaced online, particularly NBA star LeBron James’ Instagram page.

NBA Star LeBron James

James looks to have the Beats Studio Buds based on the design and shape in his ears. The upcoming earbuds may be difficult to recognize, but there are confirmations seen in the beta versions of iOS 14.6 and tvOS 14.6 recently.

Apple has made several changes to the Beats Studio Buds. For one, the company removed the ear wraps, something that was similarly done with the Powerbeats Pro. Also, the Buds are smaller and look more like in-ear audio accessories from Google and Samsung. However, they have a distinct Beats feel and design.

The Cupertino-based company intends to have the Buds in white, black and red, and with matching oval cases with the trademark Beats logo. It will also have ear tips for a snug fit.

Beats Studio Buds in close up

The Beats Studio Buds does not have a launch date yet but the latest report shows it has already been approved by the FCC.

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