Upgrade to a New and Capable Charging Station at $30 Off

Get not just three, but six charging ports with the UGREEN Nexode 200W 6-Port USB-C GaN II Charger. Today, it’s down to just $170 from its original price of $200 on Amazon.

The new Nexode GaN charger is an absolute beast, able to provide up to a total of 200W on six ports. You can charge your iPhone, iPad or MacBook, and three others with a combination of two USB A’s and four USB C options. Fast charging can be done on a 16 inch MacBook Pro from 0 to 100 in just an hour and half, thanks to the latest GaN technology.

New and Capable Charging Station

The power station has that disk drive shape, and all the ports are lined up together neatly. Plus, you get bonuses such as better heat dissipation and power conversion to get maximum value for your investment. Replace all your adapters and cables with a streamlined charging station at $30 off today!