If you want your weighing scale to tell more than your weight, then this is for you. Today, the RENPHO Digital Scale is down to just $18.19 from its original price of $26 on Amazon. Just tick the on-page coupon to see the price change.

RENPHO Smart Scale

The RENPHO Digital Scale will be an excellent addition to your health routine. It’s a smart scale that works with the RENPHO health app, as well as other third-party platforms like Google Fit, Samsung Health, and MyFitnessPal. The scale can also sync with newer Apple Watch models so you can view data from your wrist.

As far as function is concerned, the smart scale can measure body fat, BMI, muscle mass, metabolic age, and body water, just to name a few. It’s also highly durable as the surface is made from tempered glass and the scale can accommodate a maximum weight of 400 pounds.

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