Upgrade to a Samsung 49-inch Smart Gaming Monitor at $300 Off

A bigger display presents several benefits and advantages over a small screen for multitasking, gaming, and work. Today, the Samsung 49-inch Odyssey G9 Smart Gaming Monitor is down to just $1,799.99 from its original price of $1,100 on Amazon.

The G9 sports a massive 5,120 x 1440 resolution powered by a Neo Quantum processor and OLED screen. Each frame is quantified and optimized for color, contrast, and shade to make a brilliant picture. The QHD is presented in curved mode for extra immersion when playing games.


With a 0.03 ms response time and 240Hz refresh rate, as well as DisplayPort and HDMI 2.1 capability, your games have never looked so responsive. Couple that with the FreeSync Pro and each frame will be shown in stutter-free mode. Of course, the G9 also works quite well when watching videos and opening multiple software and browser windows. Buy the discounted Samsung Odyssey G9 Smart Monitor today!