When it comes to displays, the bigger the better. If you’re on a budget and looking for an excellent deal, here’s one for you- LG’s 27 inch UltraGear QHD Gaming Monitor is down to just $279.99 from its original price of $380 on Amazon.

LG’s 27-inch QHD Monitor

With the UltraGear you’re getting a superb 27 inch QHD resolution with a max 144Hz refresh rate and 1ms response time. It supports g-sync so you can compete with other players and not have to experience tearing and graphical lags.

Aesthetically speaking, the borders of the UltraGear are thin and you can set up multiple side-by-side displays to get a bigger picture. The built-in stand can accommodate a variety of angles and heights as it can be tilted and pivoted to your viewing preference.

At just $280 there’s no other branded 27 inch QHD monitor that can compete with the UltraGear. Make sure to get yours today!


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