Upgrade to the Eero Pro Mesh Wi-Fi System and Save As Much as $100

In the age of lightning-fast internet, it makes total sense to have a modem or router that can take full advantage of your internet’s bandwidth speed.

If you’re finally thinking of upgrading to a new Wi-Fi device, then there’s none better than the Eero Pro Mesh system. The good news is, Amazon is giving interested buyers discounts of up to $100 on various configurations. You can get an Eero Pro + 1 Beacon for $239, an Eero Pro + 2 Beacons for $319 or 3 Eero Pros for just $399.

The Eero system works as an extender, Wi-Fi router or internet booster that can provide up to 1,500 square ft of coverage. Setting it up is easy via the companion app. It’s tri-band and has nifty features such as being able to shut off the internet temporarily, set parental controls and network monitoring capabilities. Best of all, you can simply get more Eeros to expand your network.

Eero products are excellent value for money. Get them while they’re discounted!

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