Upgrade Your Lights to Smart at 41% Off

Opting to get a smart bulb will come in pretty handy, especially if you’re getting it at a discount. Today, the Kasa Smart Light Bulb is down to just $9.99 from its original price of $16.99 on Amazon.

The Kasa Smart Bulb is not only smart but also dimmable, which extends its purpose to conform to your daily needs. You can choose the range of brightness from 1 to 100 percent depending on the activity. If you have your hands full you can just command your smart assistant to turn the bulb on or change its brightness.

Kasa Smart Light Bulb

Other tricks you can do with the Kasa smart bulb include automation and saving energy bills. The best part about having a Kasa-branded bulb is that you won’t need a hub to get things going- just connect it via app to a 2.4 GHz wifi network and you’re good to go. Buy the discounted Kasa Smart Bulb today!