US Apple Store workers rumored to be unionizing


A report by The Washington Post claims that there’s a number of Apple Store employees who are proceeding towards the steps to become unionized.

US Apple Store

Employees in at least two Apple Stores are preparing to file the request through the National Labor Relations Board. Furthermore, the report says that half a dozen US stores are in the early stages.

One of the primary concerns was that worker wages have not scaled to the inflation rate. Although Apple promised to raise the pay of retail employees, some say that they are earning less than when they were initially hired due to inflation.

Retail employees in Apple Stores earn anywhere from $17 to $30-plus per hour depending on position. However, some claim that it’s not enough since they’re working for a renowned and valuable company.

In similar news, Apple is reportedly working on a compensation package in order to retain its Apple Store workers in the US.

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