Apple will be making adjustments to the payroll of Apple Store employees.

US Apple Store

Senior hourly workers, Genius Bar tech support and sales workers are set to get a bump of somewhere from 2 to 10 percent depending on role and store location. In a Bloomberg report, Apple is holding meetings and briefings to increase retail employee pay in an attempt to get them to stay with the company.

The incentive is meant for retail workers who have worked pre-pandemic to align veteran employees with new hires. Also, the Cupertino-based company will reportedly increase benefits beginning in April, such as adding vacation and sick days.

As for the pay raise, it’s said that the changes in salary are set to take effect this month. However, not all Apple Store employees and locations will get the incentive.

In December, it was revealed that Apple hourly and call center workers felt ‘helpless’ under mistreatment and poor conditions.


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