US Department of Justice calls Apple execs to provide statements in Google lawsuit


The US DoJ recently asked for Apple executives to take part in its lawsuit versus Google.


In October of 2020 the Department of Justice presented an antitrust lawsuit versus search giant Google, saying that the company abused its power to become the dominant force in the search industry. 

The DoJ further iterated that Google made arrangements with software and device vendors to ensure its pole position, with Apple being a prime example. It’s reported that Google paid Apple billions to be the default search engine in web browser Safari. As such, Apple executives, particularly the ‘most senior executives’ were invited to be deposition subjects in the trial.

The US Department of Justice is in the process of probing both Google and Apple in regards to antitrust activity. Further antitrust complaints have been pushed back to March; however, the trial date for the Google antitrust claim has already been set for September 12, 2023.

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